1954 M37 Dodge Power Wagon For Sale

Hi All,

This is a 1954 M-37 Dodge Power Wagon for sale. This beast was sitting on Stuart Island under a shelter for a couple years where I bought it.  I used the truck on Stuart Island for  clearing and dragging logs. MASSIVE POWER! It drives like a tank. About a two years ago brought it to San Juan Island with the intent of cleaning it up and using it in the 4th of July parades. Well, I recently just had the machine worked on. I have four pages of repairs and maintenance papers and the truck starts on a dime and drive like a dream! It has never ran so good.  At this time I wont take any offers less than $5900. There are still some additional upgrades that I want to do, but ran out of time and money. If you are SERIOUSLY interested I can send you the maintenance and repair documents. I am driving it to work once a week to keep her moving and healthy. However, I would love to see it go to a good HOME! Feel free to contact me at the below #s. Thanks


Contact Info:

  • email don@dongalt.com
  • send a text to 360-317-5854 or
  • give me a call on my cell 360-378-8637 or
  • at Ace Hardware 378-4622